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Ukuran Titit Sedunia - Global Penis Size

Sebuah situs online menurunkan hasil penelitian mengenai ukuran titit pria dari berbagai negara, dengan pria2 Congo sebagai juaranya, mempunyai ukuran titit rata2 terpanjang (self reported), sedangkan Indonesia, Malaysia, urutan ke 104 dan 106. Di urutan terbawah adalah India, Jepang, China, Thailand dan Korea selatan.

An online site that lists the global penis sizes has become an Internet sensation, with Congo being placed at the top of the list. The Dem. Rep. Congo has taken top spot, with the average size being 7.1 inches or 18cm (self-reported), News.com.au reported. Second on the list is Ecuador wher e the average size is 6.9 inches or 17.5cm (measured), and Ghana is at number four with the average size of 6.8 inches or 17.3cm (self-reported).

At number five is Colombia, where the average size is 6.7 inches or 17cm (measured), and number at six is Venezuela, where the average size is 6.7 inches or 17cm (measured).

Male ModelAt number 7 is Lebanon, followed by Jamaica at number 12, Brazil at number 15, France at number 17, Czech Republic at number 22, the Netherlands at number 27, Italy at number 31.

Egypt was placed at number 33, Denmark at number 42, Mexico at number 49, Morocco at number 51, Sweden at number 58, Greece at number 61, Chili at number 64, Germany at number 68, Norway at number 72.

United Kingdom was at number 82, Spain at number 85, Australia at number 94, USA at number 98, Ireland at number 99, Romania at number 101, Indonesia at number 104, Malaysia at number 106.

Last but not the least, India at number 116, Japan at number 110, China at number 112, Thailand at number 117, and South Korea at number 119.

The information is attributed to Australia’s national agency for health and welfare, as per the data from

sementara itu pula berbagai website membandingkan hasil laporan ukuran penis global dgn hasil IQ global yg ternyata berbanding terbalik

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Our friends at Shanghaiist have shared the Penis Size Map, which, well, pretty much does what you think: "According to this map, Congo, Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia and Venezuela are the world's most well endowed nations, while South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand, India and Burma -- all in east Asia -- are the world's least well endowed." Americans? Well, we're firmly in lower quadrant, with an average length of 5.1 inches.

Those numbers actually jive with some rankings and a map released around this time last year by Condomania, which shows in which U.S. cities you'll find the biggest dicks. Their data, which was self-reported based on sized condom purchases, indicates that 50% of American penises are between 5" and 6" long.

A second map published by the Penis Size Map people attempts to correlate penis size with brain power, by showing IQ rankings. Here, Americans happen to finish in the upper echelon, with a global ranking of 10th for IQ. So basically, the US is full of smart guys with average genitals.
Untuk Indonesia:
ukuran penis di urutan 104: 11,67cm
IQ urutan 21 : 87

gimana gan?

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